Retirement Bucket List: 10 Things You Need to See While You Still Can


Retirement Bucket List: 10 Things You Need to See While You Still Can

Posted by RDW Financial Group
2 years ago | April 3, 2019

Summer is right around the corner! This summer could be the perfect opportunity for you to leave your worries behind and check something off your bucket list. You’ve probably spent day after day pouring into your grandchildren and adult kid’s lives – now it’s time to spoil yourself!


We’ve got a thoughtful list of amazing sights you need to see while you’re still young (enough) and able to travel around. Keep reading for some inspiration for your next big adventure!



  1. The Northern Lights

If you haven’t seen the Northern Lights, we highly recommend you make the trip. Seeing these majestic lights doesn’t require standing out in the freezing cold night. Finland’s Kakslauttanean Resort gives its guests the opportunity to see the lights from their very own room! You can stay warm and cozy in your bed while gazing up through your glass-domed igloo ceiling. Talk about amazing! You can book your trip here.


  1. The Great Wall of China

You can make any trip extra memorable by visiting a close-by UNESCO World Heritage site. These sites are recognized as impeccable presentations of culture, human creativity, architecture, beauty, and history. If you love history and learning the intimacies of a certain area, then you will thoroughly enjoy any one of these sites. One of the most famous UNESCO displays of architecture is the Great Wall of China. Even as a young whippersnapper, walking the entire Wall is a hefty task. To save some steps, we recommend hitting the hot spots of the Wall. You can check out the best spots here.


  1. Find Paradise

Does the phrase “find paradise” sit on your retirement bucket list? The definition of paradise can be different for everyone, whether that’s an escape into the secluded mountains or a seaside getaway. If you lean towards finding paradise on an island, then you need to visit the Caribbean island, Nevis. This island is one of the most natural and totally untouched islands in the Caribbean. Here you can find an escape from the busyness of life and soak in the nature around you. Book your trip today!


  1. Tap into Your Heritage

As we grow older, we get very nostalgic. Can you relate with the feeling of wanting to know more about your past – possibly where exactly you come from? You may consider America your homeland, but have you thought about exploring the country where your roots truly originate? If you don’t know your heritage, there are numerous DNA tests available on the market for consumers to easily figure out what cultures run through their veins. You can tap into your roots and take your DNA test here!


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