Managing Risk

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Growth and Protection

We all face risk every day, but the risks you face in retirement are some of the most significant ones you will ever confront. It’s not possible to avoid all of these potential pitfalls, such as market fluctuations, taxes, and inflation. But a sound financial plan will include risk management as a key component, to help you minimize your exposure to these factors. We will help you understand the risks you will face in retirement, and help you create a plan to help protect your future.

Asset Class Allocations

During the years leading up to retirement, you might often feel as though you must choose between risk reduction and your desire for financial growth. Choosing the correct asset allocations involves balancing your tolerance for risk with growth potential. Since these values often change over time, due to your long-term goals and earnings potential, you will continue to balance and rebalance your portfolio throughout your working years and even into retirement. We can help you choose the right mix of fixed income securities, equities, cash, and other assets.

Declining Market Strategies

The stock market fluctuates over time, and it is impossible to precisely predict how high or how low it will go. We should all expect some fluctuations over time, but many people are left feeling devastated when the market takes a big hit. Some even find themselves drastically altering their retirement plans due to market conditions. We help our clients prepare for these events, and we have developed strategies that can often minimize losses when they do occur.

Asset Protection

Those who own considerable assets also face considerable risk of loss. If you are ever the target of a civil lawsuit or find yourself the subject of collection action, these assets can be vulnerable to loss. Since some assets are protected from judgments and creditors by state and federal law, we can often partner with your attorney to create a strategy to minimize loss.

Asset Management

You might already know that diversifying your assets can protect you from big losses. As the saying goes, don’t place all of your eggs in one basket! But there are other reasons for diversification, beyond managing your risk. Since different assets are treated differently under the tax code, diversification can actually help you to minimize your tax burden. We can help you develop a financial strategy that combines tax-advantaged income, tax-deferred accounts, or avoidance of capital gains taxes to lower your overall tax liability.

As you continue to develop your financial strategy, risk management should play a starring role. We will help you analyze your entire financial plan to help ensure that your assets are well protected.

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